Animated designs that capture the imagination & demand attention

Lenticular technology is in a category all its own – resulting in images that seem to move, morph and jump off the page. This precise integration of both art and science produces vivid 3D imagery that prompts customers to stop, engage and spend valuable time with your product.


What sets Carlson apart, the depth of our lenticular options:

In this case, images are layered to give the illusion of depth and perspective, allowing your message or product to truly stand out from the rest. Unlike two-dimensional design, the lenticular effect allows graphics to appear more realistic and can be incorporated into most images or design styles.

A series of sequential, still images come together to create an animation similar to a short movie clip. This effect is ideal for illustrating body movement or mechanical action.

By alternating between multiple images, the printed images continuously vanish and reappear. This effect is an excellent way to demonstrate instant "cause-and-effect" comparisons.

The morph effect changes one image into another to create the illusion of transformation, or to illustrate a “before and after” scenario.

A lenticular zoom animation can consist of one or more objects, or even a full image, with an effect that causes images to jump out and back. Consider the “zoom” feature for products, logos, or key messages.

Ultra-Thin Lens
Carlson Print Group is one of the only printers in the country that can successfully print on a lens this thin, creating an excellent effect for magazine covers, comic book covers, dust jackets, CD wraps and more.