Earthy friendly. Budget friendly. Beautiful results.

Cast & Cure is a state-of-the-art technology that lets you add eye-catching prism/holographic effects to any printed piece. More economical than traditional foil-based holographic imaging, cutting-edge Cast & Cure is applied in-line during the printing process. Choose from 25 “stock” holographic images and patterns or we can help you create your own custom pattern. Proprietary patterns are effective for branding and anti-counterfeiting applications.

What’s more, Cast & Cure is a “green” technology. The film can be applied numerous times before being replaced making it both cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Let us show you how Cast & Cure can give your next project the visual sizzle to stand out in the crowd, grab attention and be remembered.

Contact us and ask to see the selection of patterns available. By overlaying a sample on your own artwork you'll be able to experience the effect on your own project. Together we can determine the pattern and application area that will make your project shine!

What sets Carlson apart

  • Choose from dozens of pattern options
  • Spot or flood options
  • Create your own custom pattern with the help of our creative team
  • Green technology: the film can be applied numerous times for both cost-efficiency and sustainability